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Flame / plasma numerical control cutting system

System Summary

The company independent research and development of a flame / plasma cutting control system, ZG-1200/1500-XPE CNC system. The product uses XPE embedded operating system, industrial control computer system is powerful, stable operation, simple operation, easy to get started, applicable to flame / plasma cutting processing industry.

Detailed parameters

software function

1、 the use of XPE embedded operating system, with a strong data security measures and a key system for rapid recovery, to ensure

stable operation of the system.

2、a multi language version of a key switch.

3、parts graphics display, zoom, rotate, mirror image, array function.

4、cut off the breakpoint memory function: even if the cutting suddenly power off, the power can be accurate, quickly find the

breakpoint, restore the cutting.

5、plate correction function: even if the steel plate oblique, can also be carried out to correct cutting, the effective use of plate.

6、dynamic speed control function: in the cutting process, can be real-time speed. For laser processing mode, speed changes, the

light energy from the Dynamic adjustment.

7、along the track back, forward, stop function.

8、the control system dynamic slotting compensation, dynamic compensation level anti interference slot.

9、multi functions: preheating, perforation at any time and can adjust memory.

10、support three kinds of flame, plasma, laser cutting mode.

11、support automatic nesting, automatic setting lead, NC system and automatic nesting of a key switch, to achieve seamless.

12、support a variety of file formats, PLT, DXF, NC, AI and so on.

13、plasma mode high end corner closed early, early breaking arc settings.

14、the arc voltage, the real-time detection of gun collision.

15、backlash compensation, machine assembly error in a certain extent can be compensated by software.

16、support for custom I/O functions.

17、the diagnostic function. External I/O interface can be diagnosed by the diagnostic interface, convenient maintenance and

customer service.

System Features

1、embedded computer host: 2G DDR2 memory, 8G solid state electronic hard disk, 1.8G dual core processor, 15 (12) inch high

luminance Industrial LCD screen, 15 inches (12) Resistive touch screen, mouse, keyboard and touch screen control.

2、strong reliability, can prevent plasma strong interference ability.

3、external interface: USB2.0, RS232100M network interface.

4、the chassis: Aluminum Alloy structure, anti electromagnetic radiation, anti jamming, anti static.

5、the system provides 16 optical electrical isolation input, 16 way light output electrical isolation.

6、number of axis 2 axis, can be extended to 4 axis.

7、the use of U disk read the program and timely software upgrades.