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8 inch WinCE

System Summary

The company independent research and development of a flame / plasma / laser cutting control system, ZG-800-CE CNC system, the product based on WinCE embedded operating system, the system is powerful, stable operation, simple operation, easy to get started, applicable to flame / plasma / laser cutting processing industry.

Detailed parameters

software function

1、the use of WinCE embedded operating system, with a strong data security measures and a key system for rapid recovery, to

ensure stable operation of the system.

2、a multi language version of a key switch.

3、parts graphics display, zoom, rotate, mirror image, array function.

4、cut off the breakpoint memory function: even if the cutting suddenly power off, the power can be accurate, quickly find the

breakpoint, restore the cutting.

5、plate correction function: even if the steel plate oblique, can also be carried out to correct cutting, the effective use of plate.

6、dynamic speed control function: in the cutting process, you can adjust the speed in real time.

7、along the track back, forward, stop function.

8、the control system dynamic slotting compensation, dynamic compensation level anti interference slot.

9、support collision detection, ensure the safe operation of the machine.

10、support PLT, DXF, NC, AI and other file formats.

11、support the remote control function, can control the movement of the machine tool at a long distance.

12、reverse gap compensation, to a certain extent, the reverse clearance of the machine can be compensated by software.

13、support I/O custom function.

14、the diagnostic function of the external I/O interface can be diagnosed through the diagnostic interface, easy maintenance.

System Features

1、high reliability, strong ability of interference prevention with plasma;

2、1000M large user program storage capacity, a single processing program G instructions up to 100 thousand lines;

3、8 inch LCD screen display, support for the mouse, keyboard, touch screen control;

4、the use of U disk to read the program and software upgrades.