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Computer full automatic cutting machine

Computer automatic cutting machine, can be a single road, double the road at the same time or work alone. Fast speed, high efficiency, high control precision, complete process.

Detailed parameters

1、embedded control system, product performance is stable, high speed, high precision.

2、single or double automatic control.

3、can be embedded in the CAD software, CAD drawing good processing graphics, the direct open control system for processing.

4、16 input, 16 output. So the input and output adopts the optocoupler isolation, anti-interference ability is strong.

5、IO port can be customized, the system is more adaptable.

6、the processing technology is complete.

7、the use of 100M network for data transmission.

8、24V DC power supply.

9、you can set the process and processing.

10、the operation is simple, easy to train.