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Laser engraving and cuting system(ZY4311)

Laser engraving control system (ZY4311) the company set many years of industry experience, by the industry's well-known research and development team carefully built a CNC laser carving products.
The system set graphic design, typography, engraving and cutting three functions in one, with strong applicability and development ability, to the popular color graphics were processed, in the process of cutting, cleaning and processing, so it can support many applications, including clothing, leather, arts and crafts, advertising, printing and packaging, toys, knife mold and so on.

Detailed parameters

Supports full touch off line mode of operation, can U disk import file.

Support S type, T type speed planning, and has the reverse gap compensation function.

A variety of path planning options, simulation shows the processing process, processing time prediction.

Automatic memory can continue to process after power off.

A variety of automatic feeding function, and support ZY synchronous feeding.

Support multiple intelligence separately, ultra mirror surface cutting, cutting.

Support wired, wireless handle controller, facilitate the operation of the cutting machine.