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Updated metal laser cutting system

System Summary

Metal laser cutting control system is the company's independent research and development of a laser cutting control system, high precision, stable operation, simple operation, easy to use, suitable for laser cutting processing industry.

Detailed parameters

The support is automatically set into the outlet, slotting compensation, even micro, bridging.

The support pipe cutting, round pipe intersecting line cutting, mode switching without re wiring.

Those with machining path preview, cutting simulation, processing time and distance prediction functions.

The power continued to support Longmen cut, double drive, S interpolation, wireless remote control.

The strong material base, various parameters to save a key, a key to.

The strong expansion ability, multiple PLC processes can be edited, programmable input output, programmable alarm input.

The height adjusting device to support multi perforated film cutting, two cooling, leapfrog function; free wiring, also optional other            brands increase.

Those with powerful typesetting function, high material utilization.