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Nut hot melt machine control system

Nut hot melt machine control system is by the Shenzhen wisdom far CNC Co., Ltd. independent research and development of a nut hot melt machine control system, using the touch screen + handwheel control mode, simple operation, high accuracy, improve the production efficiency, man-machine interface friendly, simple and easy to use.

Detailed parameters

The touch screen + hand wheel control, multi axis fast, slow moving optional.

The friendly interface, easy to use, the key to add processing, the processing data of several editing.

The real-time display of graphics processing and recording process, processing information.

The file can use U disk copy processing, multiple machines can share a file.

The same equipment support two or three different types of nut implantation.

Designed to support high precision closed-loop control mode, precision can reach 1um.

The port with intelligent detection function, convenient tracking problems.