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Large-format omnipotent visual cutting system

Function: visual orientation automatic recognition
A universal visual surface cutting control system of Shenzhen Zhiyuan CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is set many years of industry experience, the industry's leading R & D team carefully crafted a laser cutting CNC fine. The software is simple to learn, motion control algorithm is mature and stable, cutting process is complete, man machine interface friendly for trademark, pictures, etc. need intelligent recognition of cutting applications.

Detailed parameters

Large size 7 Inch Touch TFT LCD TFT, processing information at a glance.

The plane all the graphics, one-time cutting, cutting efficiency than the traditional vision is greatly improved.

Automatic extraction of contour line, easy to deal with the deformation of flexible materials.

The standard 18 million pixels (optional 24 million pixels) of high performance Canon digital SLR camera.

Has the international leading graphics and image recognition and localization algorithm.

Intelligent support and different length cyclic feeding, super cycle format automatic recognition processing.

Compatible with all functions of the traditional vision system.