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Visual positioning laser cutting control system

Optional model ZY4321, ZY2820

Visual positioning of strong laser cutting system is the company's independent research and development of a special control system of laser cutting. In camera visual positioning system and the computer software under the coordination of, the machine cutting machine of material micro tensile deformation of full automatic tracking compensation, and to ensure the cutting accuracy. Simple operation, friendly man-machine interface, a substantial increase in production efficiency can be.

Detailed parameters

▲Supports full touch off line working mode and is compatible with common carving and cutting functions.

Using industrial high speed camera, a variety of camera options.

Original multi color LED light source system, get the national patent.

Camera positioning, automatic recognition of cutting function.

Support multi template recognition, can support more than 100 kinds of different templates at the same time work.

Support graphics seamless splicing, to facilitate the recognition of large graphics and cutting.

Multi point mark positioning cutting function, suitable for cutting large graphics.

Remote assistance function, using the Internet to solve problems and training.