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Tangential machine control system

Cutting machine control system, can be used for cutting, cutting knife, bridge position, high precision, fast speed, mature and complete process.

Detailed parameters

The software support gear cutter, support a variety of 1.42/1.05/0.71 knife line thickness.

Software in accordance with the horizontal, vertical, oblique, arc of the order processing, support for the classification of the

suspension (refers to horizontal, vertical, oblique, arc four), each class will be automatically suspended after processing.

Reflect the real-time processing, statistical bridge, segment and the consumption of the length and in the process shows that have

already been processed knife mold lines.

Intelligent control tool line indentation, a variety of indentation methods; intelligent control processing sequence, the knife line will

not retreat, improve efficiency.

Support bridge automatic identification, classification and selection of bridge, double line double cut, double line single cut.